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Top 20 : Indian Michelin Star restaurants in London, UK

Gymkhana, Mayfair

Gymkhana is one of the best Michelin Starred restaurants that opened its doors in 2013. The restaurant was awarded the Michelin Star in 2014 for its Contemporary and Classic Indian cuisine. Gymkhana is all about its sophisticated dining experience and high-end quality service. Gymkhana is layed out on 2 floors which offer different looks and feel. The diner experience vibes of big mansions from Kolkata and Pondicery. The restaurant offers a specialized bar menu that is handcrafted by using India’s traditional flavors and authentic Indian ingredients. The place has its own personalized Tonic water with which the whole bar menu takes on an original spin. Gymkhana can definitely be booked for Private and Semi-private events including birthdays, Special Occasions, and much more. The restaurant offers exclusive vaults for a 10 people group and a semi-private experience of a wine cellar for 30 people group. Gymkahan can be considered the best place for a great dining experience.

Address: 42 Albemarle St, London W1S 4JH, United Kingdom
Google reviews: Rating 4.5 (1500+ Reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4 (1700+ Reviews)


Trishna is a Michelin Start Restaurant delivering the taste of the Coastal region of India. The restaurant offers a wide variety of wines from authentic and emerging regions of the world.
Trishna offers a well-rounded tasting menu that offers a mouthful experience of food to the guests. It also offers vegetarian menu options to the guests accompanied by the best wine collection making it a must-visit place. The interiors of the place are chic and high end which contributes to a sophisticated dining experience. The place has a hint of antique mirrors, marble table tops, and wooden paneling.

Address: 15-17 Blandford St, London W1U 3DG, United Kingdom
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (1000+ reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4

Veerasamy, Regent Street

Veerasamy is London’s oldest fine-dining Indian restaurant with luxurious interiors. The restaurant opened its gates in 1926 serving in a maharaja-style setup. The restaurant combines classic Indian tastes with new-age techniques to serve its guests. Veerasamy holds private spaces in a mahal setup for intimate and close events. The menu is curated from more than 16 authentic cuisines and styles of cooking which intrigues the diners. The diner gets to first-hand experience the king’s feelings as the whole restaurant gives the feeling of a royal house.

Address: Victory House, 99-101 Regent St., London W1B 4RS, United Kingdom
Google Reviews: Rating 4.3 (1400+ Reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4 (1900+ Reviews)

Benares, Mayfair

Benares is a Michelin Start Restaunrant led by chef Sameer Taneeja. The restaurant is on the list of best-rated bars and dining in the UK. Benares combines the best of British and Indian ingredients to deliver a modern and inventive menu. Benares offers also offers 4 private dining rooms for its visitors. The biggest dining room can dine up to 36 guests which can be booked for private parties and events.

Address: 12a Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BS, United Kingdom
Google reviews: Rating: 4.3 (1500+ Reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (3000+ Reviews)

Amaya, Belgravia

Amaya opened its doors in 2004 holding a Michelin Star to date. The restaurant is famous for its amazing grilling setup indulging the best flavors of India in its menu. Amaya has mesmerizing dramatic interiors and an open kitchen which becomes an attractive point for its diners. The Michelin guide states the restaurant offers a gourmet theatre from another stratosphere, which in itself is one of a kind experience. The best part is the food is prepared in front of the guest and is served immediately to the diners so that they can enjoy the grill taste at its best. Amaya also offers venues for private settings that cater to up to 14 guests.

Address: Halkin Arcade, Off Lowndes St, London SW1X 8JT, United Kingdom
Google Reviews: Rating 4.3 (1200+ Reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (1600+ Reviews)


Quilon is a Michelin-star restaurant serving home-style food and seafood in an elegant setup. The cuisine of the restaurant focuses on southwest Indian food and authentic recipes from the coastlines of India. Quilon was opened in 1999 and received the Michelin Start in 2008 and it is holding that since then. Chefs also focus on creating different tasting menus for different palates and the same for the cocktail menu. The place has a world-class wine list for every wine lover and there is something to the other to complement the cuisine. The private dining area offers its own entrance, bar, dining room, and private kitchen. Diners get to see the food prepared in the open kitchen setup having the best culinary experience of their life.

Address: 41 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AF, United Kingdom
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (900+ Reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (1800+ Reviews)

Jamavar, Mount Street

Jamavar is upscaling a notch of Indian street food by serving it in an upscale form in a vibrant venue. It is created by the original families of The Leela Palace Hotels and Resorts from India. Jamavar is a unique fine dining restaurant combing the traditional flavors and techniques of Indian food heritage. Chefs focus on creating new and innovative dishes with local and fresh produce alongside some signature classics from the Nair family. The ambiance of the place is just the right mix of traditional and new modern art which makes it a perfect place to dine with the family. The paintings and the lighting give the right feel of a royal yet comfortable India.

Address: 8 Mount St, London W1K 3NF, United Kingdom
Google Review: Rating 4.3 (1200+ Reviews)
TripAdvisor: 4.5 (800+ Reviews)

Opheem, Birmingham

Opheem is a modern eatery proving an elevated dining experience to its guests. The restaurant combines Indian cuisine with new-age techniques and serves fusion food. The ambiance of the restaurant is in blush tones with a vibrant seating setup. The flavors of the food are as traditional as they can get but the food is served in the most unique way possible. The motto of Opheem is – to evolve and adapt is what makes us human, and cooking is what sets us apart from animals. The restaurant offers a beautiful private dining area that can be booked for parties, get together, and events. The bar menu has to offer some of the best tastings of wines and cocktails with a hint of Indian flavors.

Address: 65 Summer Row, Birmingham B3 1JJ, United Kingdom
Google Review: Rating 4.6 (500+ Reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (750+ Reviews)

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