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Top 10 : Best Vegan restaurants in Prague

Palo Verde Bistro

Palo Verde is a bistro that started as a cafe with a limited selection of desserts and coffee in January 2020 as part of the PALO VERDE project. Due to COVID-19, they had to quickly adapt and join forces to create a range of homemade stuffed pasta, croissants, and baked cakes and pies. With the support of their customers, they were able to continue their journey and expand their menu to showcase the diversity of plant-based food and offer quality meals that appeal to everyone, whether they’re specifically seeking plant-based options or not. The team behind Palo Verde believes in the benefits of a plant-based diet for both our health and the planet, and this is reflected in their culinary offerings.

Address: Zitna 45, Prague 110 00 Czech Republic
Website: http://www.paloverdebistro.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Ep3pQKTcvE1BkzMK6
Google Reviews: Rating 4.6 (976 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (51 reviews)


Restaurant Pastva specializes in contemporary vegan cuisine, offering a menu exclusively consisting of plant-based products. Customers can enjoy a selection of dishes for lunch, as well as a permanent menu and daily rotating desserts and lemonades. The restaurant also offers a variety of authentic Moravian wines, popular Únětice beer, and coffee from the Candycane roastery. Seasonal, well-balanced, and varied food is a top priority at Restaurant Pastva.

Address: Nadrazni 54/102 Andel, Prague 150 00 Czech Republic
Website: http://www.pastva-restaurant.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/1b5veEa39yAX45DFA
Google Reviews: Rating 4.6 (1,200 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (130 reviews)

Lifehouse Bistro

Lifehouse Bistro is a family-owned small restaurant that has been serving customers since 2017. The restaurant prides itself on using only fresh, plant-based ingredients in all of its dishes and drinks. They avoid using any artificial or heavily processed ingredients and focus on providing a naturally delicious taste in their food. The restaurant uses fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices as the building blocks for their menu items, ensuring that their meals are healthy and not too heavy. They also provide a list of raw materials that they use and avoid, including using only 100% vegetable raw materials, Himalayan salt, agave nectar, and fresh homemade vegetable milk. The menu is plant-based, and the restaurant avoids using animal products, white sugar, flour as a thickener, and yeast.

Address: Jungmannovo namesti 4, Prague 11000 Czech Republic
Website: http://www.lifehouse.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/mCDi2wayUVWnXK2y7
Google Reviews: Rating 4.5 (177 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 5.0 (32 reviews)


Chutnej is located in Letná, featuring a two-story building with a garden that’s perfect for picnics. They offer lending services for picnics and cater private events. Their menu changes daily, and they have a rebox option available. Delivery is available in almost all parts of Prague, and gluten-free options are also offered. The restaurant specializes in vegan cuisine, offering Czech classics, burgers, pizza, hummus, and other delicacies. They also have a banquet option for private and corporate events, with a maximum capacity of 50 people. The restaurant is known for its great taste and quality, and they strive to create a positive and friendly environment for their customers.

Address: Letohradská 755/50, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice, Czechia
Website: http://www.chutnej.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/GxqD8j2M7n1GJ8jA8
Google Reviews: Rating 4.8 (343 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (54 reviews)


Maitrea restaurant is situated in a charming spot on Tynska Street, near the Old Town Square, in the heart of Prague. Since 2009, their international team has been serving up vegetarian cuisine with a focus on heart-inspired flavours. The restaurant is designed in a Feng-shui style with solid oak wood, natural colours, marble fountains, and lamps made of laminated silk. Maitrea offers two floors with a variety of magical nooks, including two fountains, a fireplace, plants, and a Buddha statue. The restaurant’s guests can enjoy a business lunch, a romantic dinner, or a family celebration, with the ambiance of the heart. Maitrea has received accolades for their vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and they engage with their guests through various channels, including TripAdvisor, Zomato, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Address: Tynska Ulicka 6/1064, Prague 110 00 Czech Republic
Website: http://www.restaurace-maitrea.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/kxvPxvtbNeLzYCms8
Google Reviews: Rating 4.6 (4,031 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (3,020 reviews)

Creme De La Crème

Crème de la Crème is an Italian artisanal ice cream shop located in the center of Prague. The name itself means cream, cream – the best of the best, and the shop lives up to this standard by producing all their ice creams themselves using recipes created by their master ice cream maker, Honza Hochsteiger. Honza has a technical education in ice cream production and gained experience working for prominent Italian ice cream makers before opening his own business. The shop offers a wide range of quality artisanal ice cream and cakes, and has a second location on Národní třída.

Address: 12, Husova 231, Staré Město, 110 00, Czechia
Website: https://www.cremedelacreme.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/oFmoosWGFpEKnrzh9
Google Reviews: Rating 4.8 (5,171 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (778 reviews)

Oliva Nera Ristorante Italiano

Oliva Nera is an Italian restaurant located in a historic 18th-century house on Bethlehem Square. During the summer months, guests can enjoy outdoor seating in a spacious garden directly on the square. The restaurant was awarded the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice award in 2022, placing it among the top 10% of restaurants worldwide. The atmosphere of Oliva Nera is described as noble, with attentive staff, candles on every table, a burning fireplace, and Italian music creating a magical environment for a pleasant evening.

Address: Betlémské nám. 10, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia
Website: http://www.olivanera.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/AXDQTzNmhdn6Enek8
Google Reviews: Rating 4.0 (556 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (1,238 reviews)

Pepenero Pizza & Pasta

PepeNero is a restaurant that specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. They serve a variety of dishes made with fresh, handmade pasta and high-quality ingredients sourced directly from Italy. Their menu features traditional Italian recipes that are simple yet bursting with flavor. In addition to pasta, they also offer wood-fired pizzas, desserts, and a selection of wines to complement their dishes. PepeNero’s team is made up of passionate professionals who strive to provide an authentic and enjoyable dining experience to their customers. They work hard to ensure the quality and consistency of their food, and their commitment to using the best ingredients is evident in every dish they serve.

Address: Bilkova 132/4, Prague 110 00 Czech Republic
Website: http://www.pepenero.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/srjkUUjT2WoHVCcQ9
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (1,554 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (1,561 reviews)

V Zatisi

V Zátiší is a restaurant that offers a diverse range of culinary delights from around the world. Their menu features modern twists on traditional Czech dishes, as well as Indian cuisine cooked in a Tandoori oven and other international delicacies. The restaurant boasts impeccable service and a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a popular spot for repeat customers who feel like they are returning home. Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the extensive selection of wines from various regions, including nearby Moravia. V Zátiší’s kitchen is run by a team of skilled and creative chefs from different countries, who bring their unique expertise to the dishes they create.

Address: Liliová 1, Liliová 216, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia
Website: https://www.vzatisi.cz/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/XTsv517YeAam88EZA
Google Reviews: Rating 4.7 (1,400 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (2,650 reviews)

La Finestra in Cucina

La Finestra in Cucina is a Michelin star restaurant led by Chef Daniela Phipparda, which specializes in preparing dry-aged meat cuts sourced from organic farms in Italy, Spain, and the USA. The restaurant also serves fresh seafood and fish, complemented by a wide selection of Italian wines. Moreover, the restaurant features an exclusive and private wine cellar, which is available for organizing various events, from casual meetings to business evenings, family celebrations, press conferences, and Italian wine-tasting courses.

Address: Platnerska 90/13, Prague 110 00 Czech Republic
Website: https://lafinestra.lacollezione.cz/en
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/DyfwVbbAfPUTgPCx7
Google Reviews: Rating 4.6 (1,122 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (1,693 reviews)

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