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Top 10 : Best Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

Meatless District

Meatless District is a vegan restaurant that serves a variety of plant-based dishes for brunch and dinner. It’s situated in the busy Bilderdijkstraat, close to Jordaan. The restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring comfort food classics from all over the world, as well as salads and soups. It prides itself on using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, with many products made in-house. The restaurant is also known for its vegan cheeses, kimchi, smoked tofu, and artisan sourdough bread. Meatless District is a community-driven establishment with a team of diverse cultures and energies, committed to promoting the growth of the vegan scene. The restaurant welcomes customers and their furry friends, and serves creative cocktails and vegan wines to complement the food.

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 65-67, 1053 KM Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (1,240 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (287 reviews)

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Junk Food Bar is a rapidly growing chain of restaurants that aims to make a positive impact on animal, environmental and human welfare. It started in 2017 in Amsterdam and quickly expanded to four more locations throughout the Netherlands, with its innovative plant-based junk food quickly gaining attention and recognition. The restaurant’s mission is to promote a sustainable plant-based lifestyle and offer tasty junk food without compromising on quality and texture. Its signature dishes include flashy burgers, freak fries, and sea food, as well as creative cocktails. The restaurant’s unique atmosphere is a blend of colourful street art with a touch of chic, and its music selection adds to its urban metropolitan vibe. The team behind Vegan Junk Food Bar is passionate about innovation, authenticity, and bringing people together to enjoy delicious plant-based food. The restaurant’s popularity has led to its expansion to Barcelona, Spain, and its mission to lead with authenticity and sustainability remains at the forefront of its brand ethos.

Address: Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.5 (2,209 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (734 reviews)


Mastino is a pizza shop located in the vibrant ‘De Pijp’ neighbourhood in Amsterdam. The owner, Novella, came up with the name Mastino, which means a go-getter in Italian and was her grandfather’s nickname in Sicily. She envisioned a new type of pizza that was plant-based, healthy, fresh, colourful, and tasty with a wide range of vegan cheese, catering to the growing vegan and plant-based community. Mastino is proud to be the first all-vegan, plant-based pizza place in the Netherlands. Their pizza dough is a hybrid between a Napolitana and a Romana, using the freshest ingredients to let the vegetables shine, and highlighting that pizza doesn’t need meat or dairy to be excellent.

Address: Eerste van der Helststraat 78h, 1072 NZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.7 (549 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (125 reviews)

Mr. & Mrs. Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Watson promotes nutritious and tasty food choices to improve the health of individuals. They have a team of professionals with extensive experience in creating menus using natural and healthy ingredients. Their goal is to help people achieve their health objectives while enjoying delicious and healthy meals. They emphasize on eating well, maintaining good health, reducing the likelihood of various illnesses, and enhancing the overall strength of the body and mind.

Address: Molenkade 46, 1115 AC Duivendrecht, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.5 (1,291 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (150 reviews)


Vegabond is a plant-based food store that caters to a wide range of customers, regardless of their dietary preferences. The atmosphere of the space is warm and welcoming, designed to foster a sense of community among visitors. All of the products sold at Vegabond are completely vegan, and the store offers a wide variety of ingredients and products for those following a plant-based diet. However, the restaurant also understands the importance of indulging in guilty pleasures and offers vegan pizza and ice cream. Vegabond is dedicated to providing Amsterdam with the best plant-based food available, demonstrating that vegan cuisine can be diverse and delicious.

Address: De Clercqstraat 48, 1052 NH Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.7 (255 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (279 reviews)

Restaurant Bougainville

Restaurant Bougainville in Amsterdam has received a Michelin star within a year of opening. The restaurant offers a gastronomic experience with imaginative creations from a talented young kitchen team, in an elegant and sensual setting that allows diners to enjoy the bustling Amsterdam city life. Executive Chef Tim Golsteijn’s international cuisine and award-winning Mâitre d’Sommelier Ronald Opten’s service combine to provide an unforgettable experience on all gastronomic levels. The restaurant is located in Hotel TwentySeven, which offers a beautiful view of the historical landmarks of the city centre. Guests can also visit Bar TwentySeven, which offers an exceptional collection of drinks and exudes luxury and class.

Address: Dam 27, 1012 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.8 (197 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 5.0 (395 reviews)


Bridges restaurant in Amsterdam is a place where exceptional gastronomic quality meets accessible atmosphere. Led by Executive Chef Raoul Meuwese, Bridges offers classic and traditional French dishes with a local twist, using sustainably grown or caught products. The menu reflects the international influences of Amsterdam’s multiculturalism. Guests can choose between a set menu or à la carte dishes and pair them with the carefully selected wines by Maître Sommelier Roos Stevens. The restaurant is located in hotel Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam, which has a rich history dating back to 1411 when it was a monastery. After a 4-year renovation, the hotel opened in 1992, offering five-star luxury in a historic setting. Bridges is located in the former canteen of the City Hall of Amsterdam, featuring a mural by Karel Appel from 1949, which is considered a true masterpiece today.

Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012 EX Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.6 (468 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (1,468 reviews)

Restaurant Daalder

Daalder is a fine-dining Michelin star restaurant that challenges traditional notions of high-end dining. Instead of stiff service and formalities, the restaurant offers a colourful and unique experience that explores the boundaries of what fine-dining can be. The restaurant serves the Daalder Experience, a chef’s menu of five to eight courses featuring the most beautiful dishes from Daalder, with optional wine pairings. The menu is developed in the Daalder Atelier, where chef Dennis Huwaë and his team tirelessly experiment with new dishes, flavours, and ideas. The Atelier is open to guests a few days a week, and features the latest culinary creations.

Address: Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (555 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (1,555 reviews)

Ron Gastrobar

Ron Gastrobar, a restaurant located in Amsterdam South, is renowned for its beautiful terrace and exceptional service. The restaurant offers an extensive menu that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, with a special focus on small dishes that allow customers to taste a variety of flavors. In addition, the restaurant has a separate menu section for BBQ lovers, which includes classic dishes like “The Original” spare ribs. Despite holding a Michelin star, Ron Gastrobar remains accessible and affordable, constantly striving to improve its dishes and provide customers with a memorable dining experience. The staff takes care of every detail, from appetizers to fine wines, to ensure that customers have a great time.

Address: Sophialaan 55, 1075 BP Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.3 (1,375 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (1,129 reviews)


Hearth is a contemporary plant-based restaurant that offers playful twists on traditional dishes from around the world. The restaurant is known for its colourful and creative presentation, as well as its commitment to breaking away from common beliefs and societal norms. Hearth believes in creating new pathways in life and encourages its customers to do the same. In addition to its love for food, Hearth also has a deep appreciation for music and live performances, which is why it has collaborated with Kikuno, a Japanese company specializing in handcrafted speakers and sound engineering, to create an immersive and enjoyable acoustic experience. Hearth’s new concept, Dining W/, combines food and music by hosting weekly listening sessions during dinner time on weekends, where local and international selectors play a relaxed and joyful soundtrack for customers to enjoy. The restaurant’s unique approach to dining has gained popularity among locals and tourists alike.

Address: Camperstraat 26H, 1091 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands
Google Reviews: Rating 4.9 (1,333 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 5.0 (308 reviews)

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