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Top 10 : Best Vegan restaurants in Singapore


Pure vegetarian food served in both Japanese and Western styles is available at Herbivore. With the finest, freshest natural and organic products, their menu is especially designed to provide a wide range of options. As a vegetarian for more than 30 years, Herbivore’s proprietor is actively developing new dining options that will encourage more vegetarians and non-vegetarians to appreciate vegetarian cuisines.

Address: 190 Middle Rd, #01-13/14 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
Website: https://www.herbivore.sg/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/bjxCEp5rZ7SFtME8A
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (947 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.5 (180 Reviews)

Whole Earth

Whole Earth have been given the Michelin Bib Gourmand designation for 4 years running, demonstrating that their perseverance and commitment to improving the reputation of plant-based eating has really paid off. They keep working to improve plant-based cooking and spread awareness of it to a larger audience. One of their must-have items is unquestionably the Enchanted Forest, which includes broccoli and monkey head mushrooms covered in flavourful sauce. Another traditional Peranakan dish that has been veganized is their shitake mushroom and potato-based Nyonya Curry. Locals, foreigners, and tourists all appreciate the fresh vegetables, legumes, grains, and mushrooms prepared to the highest standards of Peranakan and Thai cuisine.

Address: 76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331
Website: https://www.wholeearth.com.sg/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/k2jmH2Qn3Gt11kCN6
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (1,010 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (201 Reviews)


Greendot was established in 2011 with the goal of providing the general public with easy, economical, and healthful meat-free meals. By offering a green, healthier, and more practical alternative to traditional fast food for the clients, Greendot aims to modernise and redefine the vegetarian sector. In an effort to make vegetarian food more appealing to women and young people, as well as to persuade more meat-eating non-vegetarians to become vegetarians, they repackaged traditional vegetarian food into a green fast-casual concept. They have various outlets across Singapore and offer delivery services.

Address: 1002 Tai Seng Ave #01-2540 Singapore 534409
Website: https://www.greendot.sg/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/NLEc3qSfUxgmvHim8
Google Reviews: Rating 4.3 (375 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (56 Reviews)

Original Sin

The inspiration at Original Sin is the result of a deep understanding of flavours in food and a passion for fine cuisine and love of fresh ingredients. Marisa Bertocchi, the culinary director at Original Sin, and Michael Hadley, the founding partner and managing director, blend the spirit of Mediterranean cuisine with their creativity to produce divine, adventurous, and healthful vegetarian dishes. They are Singapore’s first and only Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant. Original Sin is named after the well-known Sistine Chapel fresco. It stands for the zeal, imagination, and talent that go into their distinctive and flavourful cuisine. You can eat outside beneath the stars or indoors in lighted dining room. Warm earth tones surround you as you enjoy inventive meal and award-winning wine list.

Address: 01-62 Jln Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens, Blk 43, Singapore 278115
Website: https://www.originalsin.com.sg/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/TUz5pGZu9zFM1YFGA
Google Reviews: Rating 4.3 (979 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (347 Reviews)


Afterglow have promoted a local, farm-to-table movement centred on whole foods since the opening of plant-based restaurant in 2013. In the preparation of their meals, no animals or animal products are used. The goods are all plant-based and free of gluten, processed sugar, artificial flavouring, and preservatives. You can modify these versatile recipes to suit your dietary requirements and preferences. They are currently developing ready-made versions, which are currently created to order at the restaurant. Clients also have the option of using the island-wide delivery services to enjoy their meals at home. Without sacrificing flavour or convenience, Afterglow aims to be the answer to sustainable and healthy living.

Address: 24 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089131
Website: https://www.afterglow.sg/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/dcrAVDvrCDfuyZmc9
Google Reviews: Rating 4.1 (499 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (172 Reviews)


VeganBurg is one burger restaurant that has gained devoted followers all over the world for its delicious plant-based burgers that taste remarkably similar to meat, even among non-vegans and vegetarians. The first 100% plant-based burger restaurant, VeganBurg, opened its doors on October 10, 2010, a widespread shift towards plant-based diets while motivating. They are dedicated to creating the best burgers. They challenge preconceived notions about burgers and explore the potential of a plant-based burger’s appearance, texture, and flavour. They have infused local flavours into their burgers at their new vegan eateries in Singapore using sauces like Chili Krab and Char-grilled Satay, along with well-liked options like Cracked Mayo (their bestseller), Smoky BBQ, and others, in addition to well-known choices like Cracked Mayo.

Address: 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502
Website: https://www.veganburg.com/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/LjeSXy7vGbNFiA2bA
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (2,259 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (179 Reviews)


Byblos provides you an excellent Turkish & Mediterranean eating experience that is ready to stimulate your senses and is only a 3minute walk from the historical Singapore Sultan Mosque. The welcoming environment offers a charming setting for you and your children, family, and friends. With a capacity of 150 people, they have indoor and outdoor seats available. On the second floor, there is also an event room for business training, team building activities, and special celebrations.The food frequently uses unusual cheeses, spices, and herbs. With a variety of Mezze and Main Course options, the original menu of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine offers you real flavour.The catering division of BYBLOS offers a variety of food services for special events, including family catering, wedding catering, corporate catering, and more.Visit Byblos to satisfy your delicious craving for the best Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: 14 Bussorah St, Singapore, 199435
Website: https://byblosgrillsg.com/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/LjeSXy7vGbNFiA2bA
Google Reviews: Rating 4.4 (2,259 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 4.0 (179 Reviews)

Positano Risto

Positano Risto was founded by its Muslim proprietors out of a sheer appreciation of real Italian cuisine. When they visited non-Muslim nations, they could only eat kebabs, fish & chips, and the typical Indo Malay and Indian foods, which are widely available in most major cities across the world. Positano Risto was established to provide diners with a fantastic halal Italian dining experience. They work hard to deliver delectable food at a low price, together with a distinctive atmosphere, wonderful service, and the ability to positively impact the community. Due to its modest origins and good intentions, the original Positano Risto on 66 Bussorah St. is currently listed as Singapore’s top-rated Italian restaurant, and their Publika KL location is ranked first among 202 restaurants overall on TripAdvisor for Italian cuisine.

Address: 66 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199479
Website: https://www.positanoristo.com/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Ko6BHCKMHJdBsiERA
Google Reviews: Rating 4.3 (1,059 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 5.0 (2,015 Reviews)


Traditional Turkish food is served in a distinctive environment at Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant, which is in the centre of Singapore, serves up a number of delectable delicacies. Every food served in Cappadocia is of the highest calibre, including classic kebabs, flatbreads, dips, and salads. The restaurant embarks on a new adventure to offer an exceptional menu, fantastic dining surroundings, and excellent hospitality under the direction of a new management team. CAPPA will always satisfy your needs by upholding its family values of Turkish authenticity, hospitality, and quality to all of its visitors, whether you are looking for a lavish dine-in feast, a catering experience that will astound your guests, a healthy take-out, or simply quality time with your loved ones. Cappadocia has a cosy, welcoming environment and an outside deck for dining al fresco. With a modern twist on vintage styles, the d├ęcor is attractive. Friendly and attentive service is provided at Cappadocia.

Address: 69 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199482
Website: https://www.cappasg.net/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/4CvNDTsEKWRqFGHN8
Google Reviews: Rating 4.8 (2,215 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 5.0 (207 Reviews)

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl highlights the finest seasonal ingredients. To provide diners a better understanding of the daily used produce, they provide a range of fresh ingredients. Any produce that a guest doesn’t like or doesn’t feel like eating that day can be crossed off, and the chef will take that into account, as well as any dietary requirements or options for vegetarians and vegans. Not only are their cuisines made to be shared, Stephan Zoisl or the kitchen staff will serve the food to create a “Chef’s Table” atmosphere at each table. Private reservations are also welcome at Chef’s Table. Customers can reserve the space for events at Chef’s Table or off-site business lunches or dinners. Chef Stephan and their sommelier Manoj personally choose and curate the wine list at Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan. Every bottle of wine at the restaurant is just as scarcely accessible as the seasonal foods on the menu largely from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy. If customers want to learn certain top-secret dishes, they can follow the chef’s instructions in the Gaggenau designer kitchen and communicate with them at any time. Chef Stephan has chosen high tables to keep talks between chefs and guests at a more comfortable conversational level.

Address: 61 Tras St, Singapore 079000
Website: https://www.chefstable.sg/
Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/sWQS8CUUru8VtkuF7
Google Reviews: Rating 4.7 (319 reviews)
TripAdvisor: Rating 5.0 (454 Reviews)

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